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Plasma Waters Partners with India’s Largest Agri Enterprise – Samunnati
To Bring The Next Green Revolution!

● Samunnati signs a cooperation agreement with Miami-based Plasma Waters to improve agri productivity
● Samunnati will also train the farmers and other agri enterprises in deploying the technology

(December 13, 2022) –As the gap between the global food demand and supply grows incessantly, the need to find innovative solutions for immediate and effective application is a pressing one. Agricultural production needs to increase by 70 percent by 2050, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, in order to meet demand as the world’s population continues to grow, as does the number of people experiencing food insecurity.

While the sustainable agricultural practices is imperative in the current state of affairs, higher productivity & better farmers’ income is equally paramount. Some of the world’s leading inventions have been inspired from nature, solving complex problems faced by human race. Plasma Waters’ technology is such disruptive innovation which is based on nature’s gift of Plasma, the fourth state of matter.

Plasma Waters’ continuous-flow cold plasma technology turns water into Plasma Activated Water (PAW), a natural microbicide and growth enhancer. PAW provides a natural alternative that can replace the damaging impact from pesticides and can boost plant growth, disease resistance and stress tolerance levels. It also enhance freshness and longevity after harvest resulting in reduction in food wastages from farm to plate value chain.

Plasma Waters technology is a patented technology of Plasma Water Solutions Inc based in Miami, Florida, and headed globally by the CEO, Mr Robert Hardt. The company recently announced its India launch and now is ready for the next big leap towards realizing its vision on Indian soil. Robert Hardt along with the CRO of the company, Jerry Zuchowicki visited India to launch the first partnership of the Indian entity with one of the largest Agri Enterprises Samunnati Agro Solutions India Private Limited. Anil S G Kumar, the founder CEO of Samunnati & Pragya Kalia, MD- India of Plasma Water Solutions India Pvt Ltd signed the MOU to begin this strategic relationship.

Samunnati, an open agri network working to unlock the trillion-dollar plus potential of Indian agriculture with small holder farmers at the center of it. The perfect union, Samunnati stands for collective growth & collective prosperity for the agri ecosystem, while Plasma Waters’ groundbreaking water-based solutions delivers the promise of ‘Innovation with Purpose’ by setting a virtuous cycle of higher & better production for farmers in most sustainable way.

Thanking Anil & Samunnati team on their forthcoming approach, Robert said, “we are proud to partner with Samunnati as we have a common purpose of ‘growth for all’ encompassing all stakeholders, consumers & environment. We wish to bring the next Green Revolution through this technology and with likeminded partners like Samunnati, we can do this faster.”

Serving the entire value chain, Samunnati’s solutions enable affiliated Farmer Collectives and the larger ecosystem to be more efficient and productive through multiple technology-enabled interventions and collaborative partnerships. Samunnati currently has Reach in 22 states, 4500 Farmer Collectives having 6 Million Farmers, 3500 Agri Enterprises, 100+ Agri Value Chains. They have achieved over $1.5 Billion in Gross Transaction Value so far & envision impacting 1 in every 4 farming households through their network by 2027.

Speaking on the occasion, Anil said, “Bringing in world-class technology in cultivation is foundational to achieve the full potential of Indian Agri Sector. In this context, we are delighted to partner with Plasma Waters to bring to India, the best in class water technology for the Agri sector. This revolutionary technology is a perfect example of symbiotic connection between conservation and deriving economic benefits for the farming community.”

Plasma Waters technology is already being tested on field at large scale in the USA. Samunnati will support the Proof of Concept demonstrations at their Centre of Excellence at Hyderabad & Chennai. They will introduce this technology to their Agri Enterprises, FPOs & Farmers under their promise of bringing the world’s pathbreaking tech innovations to the farming community’s benefits.

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About Plasma Waters:
Working with global corporate partners, government agencies, and NGOs, Plasma Waters addresses the world’s most pressing water issues by combining innovation with purpose and providing groundbreaking water-based solutions. The company’s patented technology uses a continuous flow system that fully eliminates harmful bacteria and viruses from water. Plasma Waters uses its water sanitization system to provide safe water access through its Safe Water Projects and has created a solution for monitoring water quality in real-time for industrial processes, defense and security, agriculture, and more. The breakthrough technology also creates “Plasma Activated Water,” a new kind of water that has been proven to boost the quality and amount of agricultural output, supporting sustainable & natural agricultural practices and increasing food productivity. For more information, please visit

About Samunnati:
Indian agriculture sector is faced with multiple challenges that are structural and risks of unpredictability related to production, weather, prices, and policy. As a specialized Agri value chain enabler, Samunnati strives to help agri sector overcome these challenges through its innovative financial intermediation, market linkages, and advisory services thereby enabling the value chain to function at a higher equilibrium. Samunnati delivers the above through the largest network Farmer Collectives, with whom it has nurtured deep relationship. Sumunnati remains committed steadfast to its founding vision ‘to make markets works for small holder farmers’ by addressing the agri value chain as whole. Samunnati believes that only when the overall sector prospers will the benefit accrue to small holder farmers.

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Media Contact(India): Shivani Mittal | , +91-9039757611
Parul Sharma |, +91-8130830941

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