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Plasma Water Solutions: Revolutionizing Agriculture with Sustainable Water Technology

CXOToday has engaged in an exclusive interview with Mr. Robert Hardt, President & CEO, Plasma Water Solutions Inc, USA.

What is Plasma Water Solutions and what are a few of the sustainable practices adopted by the company?

Plasma Water Solutions Inc. is a US- based technology company with subsidiaries in India, Germany and Chile. The Company specializes in low temperature plasma technology to create innovative water solutions for plant health.

Can you explain the technology used by your company?

Company’s patented breakthrough technology generates Plasma-ized Water™, a new kind of water that has been proven to boost the quality and amount of agricultural output, supporting sustainable & natural agricultural practices thereby increasing food productivity. Using just water and electricity, it generates Plasma-ized Water™ in continuous flow, on-demand , at the point of use.

What are the various services provided by Plasma?

Plasma Water Solutions India Pvt Ltd is currently working on validation trials across India with leading organizations in the Agriculture Industry, like Samunnati, Heartfulness Institute, top Seed companies, Government of Uttar Pradesh, ICAR and ICRISAT. The trials involve different applications of Plasma-ized Water™ on an extensive variety of crops in different agro-climatic zones of India majorly focused on seed treatment and foliar spray. Initial results have demonstrated the high efficacy of Plasma-ized Water™ providing faster and more efficient germination, improving the quality of the stand, providing strong plant growth and development and enhancing stress tolerance leading to higher and better quality yield.

How do your water tech solutions address the specific water challenges in different regions of India?

Feeding a growing population is a great concern in India and the entire world, particularly with the exacerbating challenges presented by climate change. Achieving this in a sustainable way, without damaging the environment with chemicals is a highly critical priority. Plasma-ized Water™ is the game-changing natural and chemical-free solution to make this possible. Adoption of this technology will help to reduce the chemical pollution of agricultural run-offs in water bodies and protect human & animals’ health.

How does your company approach the integration of digital technologies, such as IoT or AI, in water management systems for optimized performance?

Our technology development embraces digital twin technology and our Plasma-ized Water Generator™ is built on IoT platform. As we collect a huge amount of data from field trials and operations we use AI to optimize our products and solutions continuously, increase the speed and reduce costs in our R&D and product development processes.

In what ways does your technology contribute to water conservation and reduction of water wastage?

While not relevant in relation to water conservation directly, our technology enables chemical-free improvements in ag productivity and helps reduce the damaging effects on the environment and on human health presented by chemical ag inputs. Chemical free Agriculture run off will keep water bodies non polluted thereby making it available for other uses. Therefore, this technology enables smart & optimum usage of water.

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