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Breakthrough Plasma Technology

1 Transformation of liquid into a biphasic flow

2 Application of an
electric field

3 Transformation
into plasma

4 Condensation

What is Plasma?

The fourth state of matter. A mix of unbound positively charged particles and negatively charged particles,
which results from adding energy to a gas.

Plasma Activated Water appears in nature, when lightning gets in contact with the rain. This water demostrates special capabilities to enhance plant growth and vigor, due to the presence of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS).

Plasma Waters breakthrough technology transforms any water into plasma, in continuous flow, generating a unique type of plasma activated water – Plasma-ized Water.

Our revolutionary technology enables the control process to generate Plasma-ized Water in many different crop-optimized PW Recipes.

A single Plasma-ized Water Generator delivers multiple PW Recipes capable of producing transformative results amongst a large variety of crops and applications.

Water Safety

A new breakthrough based on our unique Plasma technology, combined with Emission Spectrometry and Artificial Intelligence, that enables real-time, in situ water quality monitoring, for agriculture, industrial processes, drinking water, water security, wastewater reuse, and many other applications.

In plasma state, ionized atoms and molecules emit light in specific wavelengths. The composition of a liquid can be determined by the emission lines generated when transformed into plasma.

- Real-time analysis

- In situ operation

- Continuous mode

- Automatic & Scalable

- Cost-effective

- No sample taking

Join us on this unique journey

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