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Breakthrough Plasma Technology

1.- Transformation of liquid into a biphasic flow

2.- Application of an
electric field

3.- Transformation
into plasma

4.- Condensation

What is Plasma? The fourth state of matter

A mix of unbound positively charged particles and negatively charged particles,

which results from adding energy to a gas.

Plasma Activated Water

Plasma’ized Water™ is a natural microbicide and growth enhancer

1.- Plasma in nature

2.- Lightning activates the water in the rain

3.- Plasma water in nature

Plasma Activated Water

When water is transformed into plasma, many

reactive species (RNOS) are formed from the

degradation of the oxygen atoms.

This becomes Plasma’ized Water ™.

Plasma Spectral Analyzer

Our Smart Plasma™ technology enables real-time, in situ

spectrometric analysis, for monitoring water quality in

industrial processes, defense & security, agriculture, and

many others applications.

In plasma state, ionized atoms and molecules emit light at

specific wavelengths -spectral signatures- that can be

analyzed to determine the composition of a liquid -while

spectral analysis is a solved problem, we have the unique

capability of ionizing water in continuous flow.

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