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Breakthrough Plasma Technology

1.- Transformation of liquid into a biphasic flow

2.- Application of an
electric field

3.- Transformation
into plasma

4.- Condensation

What is Plasma? The fourth state of matter

A mix of unbound positively charged particles and negatively charged particles,

which results from adding energy to a gas.

Plasma Activated Water

A natural microbicide and growth enhancer

1.- Plasma in nature

2.- Lightning activates the water in the rain

3.- Plasma water in nature

Plasma Activated Water

When water is transformed into plasma, many

reactive species (RNOS) are formed from the

degradation of the oxygen atoms.

This becomes Plasma Activated Water (PAW).

Plasma Spectral Analyzer

Our breakthrough technology enables real-time, in situ

spectrometric analysis, for monitoring water quality in

industrial processes, defense & security, agriculture, and

many others applications.

In plasma state, ionized atoms and molecules emit light at

specific wavelengths -spectral signatures- that can be

analyzed to determine the composition of a liquid -while

spectral analysis is a solved problem, we have the unique

capability of ionizing water in continuous flow.

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