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Plasma Waters closes $10M financing round to initiate transformation phase

Endangered access to safe water and food supply, resulting from a growing population and climate change, are amongst humanity’s most pressing challenges. New innovative solutions are essential to address them, and secure the quality of life for all the inhabitants of our planet. Plasma Waters has developed a breakthrough plasma technology with the potential to address these challenges and deliver unprecedented social, environmental and economic benefit. 

The company recently announced $10M in funding achieved from current investors as a very strong vote of confidence in the multiple applications being developed for its continuous-flow cold plasma technology, and the plans for transformation into a science-based global technology company. 

”We finally released three breakthrough high-impact technologies that will generate global businesses, mitigate the negative impact of climate change, and most importantly, positively affect millions of people’s quality of life. I am proud that our ‘Innovation with Purpose’ model helped us attract a strong group of highly experienced executives who subscribed to the vision that inspired this project from the start. Together, we will begin building the infrastructure and business processes required to deploy our breakthrough solutions around the world”

Alfredo Zolezzi, Founder of Plasma Waters and the inventor of the PWSS Plasma Technology

Robert Hardt was appointed Plasma Waters CEO on November 1. Robert is a proven and dedicated leader, passionate in innovation and with a strong background in technology, both at the start-up as well as corporate levels. Robert commented:

“Our core technology presents applications in multiple industries. Our team has developed highly innovative solutions to address some of the most pressing global challenges, such as enabling safe water access, empowering sustainable agriculture and making real-time water quality monitoring possible. We have the potential to make a real difference in the lives of so many people around the world, while building a strong and thriving business”.

Robert Hardt, CEO of Plasma Waters

Founded in 2010, Plasma Waters, previously the AIC (Advanced Innovation Center), has its R&D center in Concón, Chile. Its breakthrough continuous-flow cold plasma technology completely eliminates bacteria and viruses of all kinds from water of any source, and provides fully-scalable plasma-activated water for agriculture and food supply chains on demand. The technology is fully sustainable.

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2 thoughts on “Plasma Waters closes $10M financing round to initiate transformation phase”

    1. The units that we are working on are for industrial use only. Soon we hope to have a device for every home. Thanks for contacting us.

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