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Safe Water Access to Primary School “El Rincón” of Puchuncavi supported by Siemens Caring Hands Covid-19 Relief Fund

Siemens Caring Hands —a charity association founded by Siemens company that provides support in major emergencies—, Plasma Waters, the Alfredo Zolezzi Foundation and the Siemens Foundation, jointed efforts to provide a plasma-based safe drinking water solution to a primary school in a rural community of Chile.

Within this framework Siemens Caring Hands funded the installation of a Plasma Water Sanitation System (PWSS) Portable Camp Unit, which provides an immediate solution that also contributes to the fight against Covid-19 and hygiene challenges.

Through this initiative, more than 150 students are receiving safe water in the primary school “El Rincón” in Puchuncaví, which plays a key role in their safe return to classes.

This project has been accompanied by a social-educational intervention led by CIDSTEM of Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Valparaiso, to promote STEM education and generate a lasting transformational effect in the local community.

Source: Siemens Youtube Channel
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